Tibetan one line medicine Agate Dzi 6mm 108beads mala hkd$1380

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"A Medicine Buddha gloriously likes to come to the merits": "When I come to Bodhicitta in the world, I am like a glass. I have a clear and thorough interior and exterior. I have no trouble."

Medicine beads, also known as round beads, are mostly lentil-type beads, and the middle of the beads has a white stripe. Each pharmacist bead is naturally formed and belongs to one of the Dzi.

The origin of the “Medicne beads” is said to be that if the Medicine beads are held in the center of the palm of the hand in a sealed, small space, the bead temperature will increase, and after a period of time, it will spontaneously emit a medicinal flavor. Thus got its name. In the legend, the pharmacist beads have efficacy in healing and warding off evil spirits.

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