Tibetan brass handmade Bagua back medicine buddha 49mm hkd$328

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 The "12 Zodiac" combined with the design of the "Nine Palaces and Eight Diagrams" protection card. In order to get rid of ignorance, all kinds of fierce and difficult towns and houses are safe and secluded. Tibetans can hang this mantra on the door or inside the house, or wear it on the body, without any hindrance, as a talisman or ward off evil.
This mantra hangs around the waist, which can prevent any fierceness caused by people, things, things, feng shui geography, block all odd disasters, and avoid evil, and turn evil into blessings. No matter whether you are seeking wealth, marriage, children, name power, wisdom, life extension, etc., you can increase your good fortune, and you will never stop. Solve the evil without a disaster. Avoid everything that is too old, broken and so on.

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