Tibet Hand-polished Rezhen Temple cypress Seed 7.5mm 108beads mala hkd$698

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Cypress seeds, also known as passion seeds, and cypress seeds, are the seeds of Tibetan cypress trees (Baixiang trees) and are native to India. Yunnan and Tibetan areas now grow and are often planted around temples. There are many street trees in the temple. The branches and leaves are often used by the monks to make water. They are used to cleanse the body and are considered to wash away people's body and mind. The leaves and fruits of Cypress trees also have certain medicinal value. Leaves and fruits can be directly used as medicines. They have the effect of clearing away heat and purging fire, and cooling blood and detoxifying. When ancient plagues flooded, they often used the fruit leaves of Cypress trees to bathe and sterilize to prevent disease.

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