• MALA
    <p>Malas are the “innermost” personal, sacred tool for your meditation and spiritual practice. Each meditation practice is different and may require custom marker placement and materials. You can choose your mala materials based on healing property, stone type or birthdate.</p>
    <p>A bracelet is an article that is worn around the wrist. It may be specifically designed for use as jewelry. Bracelets used as jewelry may have a supportive function, such as holding a other items of jewellery such as religious symbols or charms.</p>
    <p>A handicraft, sometimes more precisely expressed as artisanalhandicraft or handmade, is any of a wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools.</p>
    <p>Beautiful” is so vague and obvious that our usual format for these articles breaks down – it’s hard to analyze intent because there are simply too many ways to use it. Besides, we all think our jewelry is beautiful!</p>
  • Raw Stone
    <p>The word <i>crystal</i> derives from the ancient greek word <span title="Ancient Greek language text" lang="grc" xml:lang="grc">κρύσταλλος</span> (<i title="Ancient Greek-language transliteration" lang="grc-latn" xml:lang="grc-latn">krustallos</i>), meaning both "ice" and "rock crystal"from <span title="Ancient Greek language text" lang="grc" xml:lang="grc">κρύος</span> (<i title="Ancient Greek-language transliteration" lang="grc-latn" xml:lang="grc-latn">kruos</i>), "icy cold, frost.</p> <ul class="i8Z77e"><li class="TrT0Xe">Bloodstone gives you energy. </li> <li class="TrT0Xe">Smoky quartz helps you let go. </li> <li class="TrT0Xe">Rose quartz cultivates love. </li> <li class="TrT0Xe">Carnelian is good for creativity. </li> <li class="TrT0Xe">Quartz <b>crystal</b> works wonders in clearing the mind. </li> <li class="TrT0Xe">Celestite relieves stress.</li> </ul>
  • Insence
    <div class="di3YZe"> <div class="co8aDb"><b>All natural incense and herbs releasing an amazing aroma, burning <b>incense and herbs</b> have many benefits.</b></div> <div class="RqBzHd"> <ul class="i8Z77e"><li class="TrT0Xe">Relieves Anxiety. Holy Herbs <b>Frankincense</b> and Myrrh May Cure Cancer.</li> <li class="TrT0Xe">Improves Sleep Quality. The stress-busting impact of sandalwood makes it a great sedative. </li> <li class="TrT0Xe">Lowers Blood Pressure.</li> <li class="TrT0Xe">Heals Wound. </li> <li class="TrT0Xe">Acts As <b>Natural</b> Air Freshener.</li> </ul></div> </div>
  • Pendant
    <p>Unique design Tibetan and Nepalese handmade pendant bring you love,charm and peace</p>
  • Dzi
  • Equipments
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  • Women
    <p><strong>You will find here all woman fashion collections.</strong></p> <p>This category includes all the basics of your wardrobe and much more:</p> <p>shoes, accessories, printed t-shirts, feminine dresses, women's jeans!</p>

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